SpotPass With Dead or Alive: Dimensions To Get Some New Costumes

If you just got a 3DS to get in on the Ambassador program and you want some costumes for DoA: Dimensions that aren’t really available anymore, then boot up that 3DS and get some SpotPasses going.

Starting this Monday, one costume will be made available for download each day, with 34 costumes released by the end of the promotion. All of the costumes are the same as the ones previously released in the SpotPass program; they’re just doing it again so that new and old players will be able to get all of that content if they missed it.

More info on how to get the costumes (and even throw down with some Team Ninja members) can be found here. If you just got a 3DS and are wondering if the game’s worth getting into so you can get these costumes, you can check out our review for the game here.

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