Spy Hunter Looks Back On its Roots With Legacy Trailer

When Warner Bros. announced in may that they would be rebooting Spy Hunter, the first thing I thought was “didn’t they already do that?” Nonetheless, the game is due to hit shelves on October 12th and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment recently released a new trailer talking about the nearly thirty year old roots of the upcoming driver/shooter for handhelds.

The trailer first speaks with Paul Dean, the world record holder of the original Spy Hunter after playing for twelve hours on a single quarter. After that it goes on to speak with people who have absolutely nothing to do with the game industry, but it was awesome to see MURS in a video (I really want a new Felt album). Twista said something that I couldn’t understand, and for once it was because I couldn’t hear him instead of him talking faster than my brain could comprehend. Either way, a trip down memory lane was a good attempt on their part, you can check the trailer below.

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Paul LaCen

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