Spy Hunter Movie Getting Another Chance From Warner Bros.

on March 25, 2010 1:25 PM

Spy Hunter Movie Getting Another Chance From Warner Bros.

There’s something about taking classic games, turning them into movies, and destroying whatever love we had for them, that Hollywood really enjoys. And it’s not the crappy games that these guys have a vendetta for, no – it’s the games that we grew up playing and cherishing in the midst of our youths.

Stepping up to the plate this time to sodomize one of our greatest pastimes is none other than Warner Bros., who might be looking to restore the Spy Hunter movie project, following its acquisition of the IP from Midway. As per Variety, Warner Bros. has hired screenwriter Chad St. John, who is currently also writing an adaptation of DC Comics’ Sgt. Rock, to take charge of script-writing duties.

Many of you might have recalled that there was a Spy Hunter movie in development starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson… or maybe not. But, because the director Paul W.S. Anderson removed himself from the project after reading the crappy script, the project went to hell and was cancelled. With WB now rebooting development on the movie with an actually decent writer – I hope – production is expected to be as smooth as butter. As of now, no actors have been mentioned or listed for this specific version of the movie. Judging from the Spy Hunter game image, I’d say ditch The Rock and get Matthew McConaughey to get the ball rolling.

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