Spyborgs For Wii Ships to Retailers

Spyborgs For Wii Ships to Retailers

The folks over at Capcom were nice enough to let us know that Spyborgs has shipped to retail exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. Those of you unfamiliar with Spyborgs – or just don’t give a shit – will be treated with a slight synopsis by none other than… me!

Spyborgs combines an extraordinary science-fiction world with action packed 2-player co-op, epic multi-stage bosses, and he old-school beat em’ up feel that will satisfy fans of the genre. In the game, a cybernetically-enhanced group of superheroes is set-up to be destroyed by a former team member. When players take control of the weapon-enhanced cyborgs in their pursuit by the traitor, they will come together in 2-player co-op fo face over 35 stages of mind-blowing challenges packed with boss battles and swarms of enemies that “only a team of two can defeat!” Personally, I can beat this game alone. I’m that good.

There are three characters to choose from. Obviously, you’ll be using the Wii Remote to do your thing and shoot, slice and whatever else you do, to rip apart your enemies. If your Wii has been sitting on the sidelines as a paper-weight because you had nothing else to play, this is something that might be worth checking out.

Spyborgs is rated Teen by the ESRB and will be available this week in North America for $39.99. You might be able to get it sooner if you’re cool with a couple of Asian dudes at your local mom-and-pop game stores. If they tell you they don’t have it, they are lying their asses off. This is where brute force might be effective.

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