SpyParty Trailer Released to Celebrate Early Access on Steam

SpyParty Trailer Released to Celebrate Early Access on Steam

In SpyParty, players will play as either the Spy or the Sniper and rely on perceptions of human behavior and deception in order to complete their missions.

After being in development for ten years, and in beta for five, indie game SpyParty is now available on Steam for early access, and a launch trailer was released to celebrate.

SpyParty is an espionage game that puts players in the role of Spy or Sniper.  Instead of shooting everything in sight and blowing stuff up, the game relies instead on perception of human behavior and deception.  As the Spy, players must complete missions like stealing the guest list or even seducing another guest. They must blend in with the other guests in order to avoid the attention of the Sniper. The Sniper’s goal is to collect enough evidence until they are certain as to who the Spy is and take them out with their only bullet.

Right now, the main gameplay mode is 1v1 Spy versus Sniper online multiplayer.  However, limited single-player Sniper play is available as well, and a single-player practice mode is open for those trying out missions as the Spy or as the Sniper.

Check out the game’s launch trailer below.  SpyParty is currently only available for PC, and you can download the game from Steam for early access.