Sqaure Enix Defends Increased Investment in Mobile Games, Assures Support for Hardcore Market

on January 16, 2014 7:39 PM

In a lengthy interview with Square Enix’s America and Europe CEO Phil Rogers, he detailed the current situation of the long-running Japanese development and publishing house, as well as their plans for the future.

Rogers in particular discussed Square’s increasing investment in mobile games, such as the various Final Fantasy free-to-play games and ports and Deus Ex: The Fall. Concerning the iOS platform, he stated:

They’re of course not dedicated gaming devices; but I see them as ways to deliver new experiences to grow a new audience or deepen and extend an existing game. We’ve got to be open-minded here.

Rogers does understand that many hardcore gamers distrust free-to-play titles and states that Square is handling this skepticism “very carefully, openly and with respect.” And on the question of whether Sqaure Enix will be fully devoted to freemium games, he said:

But free-to-play is one business model, not the only business model. And while we’re making games for a variety of audiences, we still have a lot of focus for those day one gamers that have such amazing passion, and which – frankly – this business has been built on. We have no plans to abandon them, and we value their responses – even if sometimes that can be emotion and hard to read.

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