Squall Is Getting His Kingdom Hearts Costume in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Leon returns with the latest costume in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Squall from Final Fantasy VIII is getting a new costume and weapon based on his appearance from the original Kingdom Hearts in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. You can check out the first image of the costume down below.

The new cosmetics will be added into both the PC and PS4 version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on June 5/6 according to the official Final Fantasy Twitter account. Since releasing the free-to-play version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Square Enix has continued adding new characters and cosmetics for its second season.

We recently interviewed the director of the game, Takeo Kujiraoka, who teased some of these characters. The team plans on adding a new character once every three months and will sprinkle in some cosmetics during the additional months. New characters will consist of returning fighters and fighters who’ve never been in a Dissidia game before.

Kujiraoka-san alluded to more complex costumes for some of the characters already available in Dissidia and this new release for Squall looks to be exactly that. For fans of the older Dissidia titles, Kujiraoka-san said he’d be interested in trying a more traditional one-on-one game but said it wouldn’t really be possible to implement anything like that in the latest title

If you have yet to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, now’s a better time than ever with the free-to-play version. Then, if you end up liking it you can purchase additional characters, or opt for the full version of the game which will give you access to all in-game content. It’s important to note that cosmetic items are all earnable via normal gameplay, however, they can be purchased using real-world money via the Steam and PSN Store if you’d like to skip the process of earning them entirely.

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