Squanch Games Reveals Accounting+ for PlayStation VR at TGA 2017

Squanch Games unveils Accounting+, a PS VR port of HTC Vive's Accounting created by Squanch Games (Justin Roiland) and Crows Crows Crows.

on December 7, 2017 9:11 PM

It turns out Squanch Games heavy-handed prediction has come true. They DID in fact have something fun to show at The Game Awards — it was revealed that their recently-released virtual reality game, Accounting, will be making it to PlayStation VR as Accounting+.

Accounting+ is a bit like Job Simulator mashed together with the over-the-top, in your face humor of Rick and Morty. Described as a “nIGHTMARE aDVENTURE cOMEDY”, the game is developed by Crows Crows Crows (The Stanley Parable) and Squanch Games. Reportedly, the game will be double the size of Accounting from when it first released on HTC Vive.

The game will feature an original soundtrack, 60fps, and very very mature language.

Developer Squanch Games has clearly been ramping up to this announcement. Only earlier this week, they rebranded their studio from “Squanchtendo” to Squanch Games because “they happened to learn of some other studio with -tendo in their name.” Justin Roiland’s patented humor clearly is an influence, even in the business decisions.

Accounting+ is set to release on December 19, 2017 on PlayStation VR. You can check out the reveal trailer and screenshots below, below:

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