Square-Enix Announces A Music Contest For Gun Loco

Square-Enix Announces A Music Contest For Gun Loco


Calling all vocalists!

Square-Enix announced that they are going to be launching a music contest to find a singer for the title track of its upcoming game, Gun Loco. I’m excited. Are you excited?

From September 9th to October 4th, 2010, people are going to be able to download the MP3 and lyric sheet for the song on the Square Enix Members Website. Aspiring musicians simply need to record themselves singing the song on their mic or video cam and upload in .mp3, .avi or .mov formats.

Get creative with the interpretation of the song. Send in your best shot at making this song truly yours and you could be lucky enough to have a song as the title track for one of the levels. Gun Loco will be available in 2011 and is exclusively on the Xbox 360.

For more information, click HERE to visit the site.