Square Enix Announces New RPG IP “Project Prelude Rune” Directed by Tales’ Hideo Baba

Square Enix Announces New RPG IP “Project Prelude Rune” Directed by Tales’ Hideo Baba

Square Enix creates the new development team Studio Istolia, aiming to create a new RPG IP code named Project Prelude Rune.

Square Enix has just announced a new IP in development currently titled Project Prelude Rune.

As well as the new game, Square Enix also revealed the game will be developed by the newly founded Studio Istolia and will be directed by Hideo Baba. Baba-San has over eighteen years experience in the games industry and is well known for his work as Producer on the Tales series.

Project Prelude Rune is a completely new RPG IP, and according to the press release the working title is meant to evoke a “premonition of mystery.” The genre is described as “Animetic RPG.”

The name of the studio itself (which has a new official website), comes from the Greek word for “History,” which is a key word for the studio, that aims to deliver a “strong message” and “A story of a cheerful song of life.”

Studio Istolia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Square Enix, mostly formed by developers that joined recently. It will specialize in the creation of new IPs gathering a wide range of talent from across the industry.

Baba-San himself commented mentioning that he hopes the studio will be able to deliver emotional stories with strong messages that will make gamers smile.

As of yet the only images we have of the game are three pieces of concept art (which can be viewed below). The pieces include a landscape, a dragon with a female character with elven features, and a battle scene.

In addition to the screenshots, Studio Istolia also unveiled its mascot on their website; a light blue baby dragon with an emblem on its head. Baba-San has hinted that, like the titles to their studio and their project, there are deeper meanings behind this creature’s design.

The release date of Project Prelude Rune is currently unknown, as are the platforms it will release on, but the studio is currently hiring for a large amount of positions, which probably means that the game is a long time off.