Square Enix Announces Sengoku IXA

Square Enix Announces Sengoku IXA


For the last week, loyal followers, and the gaming industry, impatiently waited for Square Enix to spill the beans on the “massive announcement” they had in store for everyone. Some rummaged through the internet trying to research what this gargantuan announcement could be, while others idly sat pondering and hoping that this “news” would induce some form of premature ejaculation with the announcement of a major IP making a return. This wasn’t the case, however.

The Japanese publisher – who went on to say that this announcement would “alter the course of Japanese gaming history” – has finally announced the “amazing” news that will, indeed, bewilder many.

The announcement is a free browser-based game, which is associated with Yahoo, called Sengoku IXA… [Very long pause]


As the public can imagine, the majority of the folks awaiting this news are more than likely staring at their screens whispering the words “What the f#@*?” I empathize with you all.

Square Enix, for this atrocious and over-hyped crap, you deserve to get beaten unmercifully with bamboo Kendo sticks dipped in lemon. I just ordered mine via Amazon, and it has Square Enix PR written all over it.