Square Enix Announcing “Several Titles” at E3; No Final Fantasy XV Listed in Current Fiscal Year

Square Enix Announcing “Several Titles” at E3; No Final Fantasy XV Listed in Current Fiscal Year

As part of its financial briefing outlining the forecast for the current fiscal year, Square Enix mentioned that it will announce “several titles” at E3, as mentioned by President Yosuke Matsuda:

First, HD games in the Digital Entertainment segment. Launches in FY2016/3 will mainly be titles for the Western market. We are planning several releases of major titles in the second half. We expect the competitive environment to be tough, with our competitors announcing big titles in the E3 in June. We believe our titles can fully compete with these big titles, however, as I will explain later, we have been conservative in our forecast for FY2016/3. We are confident about the quality of each title, and will aim at a level far beyond our current forecast.

This is “DEUS EX,” launched this April. In our private conference at the next E3, we are planning to announce several titles in addition to this one.
We plan to make use of our IP in multifaceted approach, in “DRAGON QUEST HEROESⅡ,” and “STAR OCEAN 5,”, as part of the efforts to strengthen and reboot our existing IPs, as I mentioned earlier.

We also get a list of the games planned for release in the the current fiscal year, and it doesn’t include Final Fantasy XV, which means that the game probably won’t launch before March 31st, 2016 (perhaps surprising really no one).  Interestingly, Rise of the Tomb Raider is also listed only for Xbox One, and no Xbox 360 version is listed.

On the other hand, it’s interesting to see that the publisher plans to continue the effort to “strengthen and reboot” its existing IPs, like it has done with Dragon Quest Heroes and is doing with Star Ocean 5.



Additionally, the MMO business is indicated as another solid revenue generatorm for the publisher, with Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XIV doing well and a new expansion recently launched for the former and one about to launch in June for the latter.

Excluding disk sales, subscription fee revenue is growing steadily, while“DRAGON QUEST X,” and “FINAL FANTASY XIV,” are stably generating income, and contributing to our earnings.


Interestingly, we also get the financial forecast for the next fiscal year, which predicts 167.9 billion yen in net sales and a net income of 9.8 million yen.

Matsuda notes that there’s going to be “intense competition” both in console and smartphone games, and the fact that smartphone development costs have been increasing.