Square Enix Asks Fans, Should We Remake Final Fantasy VII?

By Jon Ireson

March 6, 2010

We have been teased before with everything from screen shots to video of tech demos showing the possibility of a High-Definition remake on PlayStation 3 of Final Fantasy VII.  Square Enix recently furthered discussion of this possibility recently when they asked their fans to chime in on the topic.  Read more for what happened next!

Final Fantasy Union reports that “Recently, Square-Enix posted on it’s official Twitter account asking for people’s opinions on a possible Final Fantasy VII remake”.  Next we all know what happened, tons of people are dreaming about this remake, the fans who were nearby a computer or mobile device overwhelmed the developer/publisher with responses and requests for Final Fantasy VII remakes of all shapes and sizes until finally Square-Enix asked that everyone refrain from responding to them on this matter.  There were simply too many responses to keep track of, and they thankfully didn’t just ignore their fans.

This all took place on the Japanese Square-Enix Twitter page and was completely written in Japanese.  Final Fantasy Union rightfully speculates that if it were to be posted in English as well, the response would have been much much bigger.  The combined fanbase of Final Fantasy VII across the world is very high and fans reside on all platforms.

While I would like to see the best remake possible, I also think that Square-Enix has opportunity to retell the story multiple times.  I think its likely they will make a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 dual remake like they did with Final Fantasy XIII, but there’s a possibility it will be exclusive since they might be interested in making 2 complete games for one project again.  As they showed players at the end of Crisis Core a PlayStation Portable version is possible as well.  But also, I believe they could probably remake it in Standard Definition as well for the Wii if they really wanted to.  The possibility of a PC release is very likely, but probably not in the first year.  Final Fantasy VII is already available for PC, but it does not take advantage of 99% of the modern capabilities of gaming computers since its from the PlayStation One days.  In the past the Final Fantasy team has been skeptical about being able to pull off such a huge overhaul, however things may be changing and it may be within their grasp finally.

In any event, it will be interesting to see Square Enix make their next move.  More hype for this idea is great and will only benefit S.E. in every way moving forward, however the sooner they deliver some tangible assets and show that they are near completion on such a project is the sooner they are building houses out of diamond encrusted platinum (gold is so 80’s).  Stay tuned to DualShockers for more on this as it develops, for now Square Enix is taking their rumor (that they started mind you) to the next level.  Enjoy this video showing the PS3 Tech demo and Crisis Core Epilogue of Final Fantasy VII‘s first level running in HD.  Cheers!


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