Square Enix Celebrates Final Fantasy's 25th Anniversary

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy, Square Enix has planned several events in celebration of the series long history.

The franchise titles are being displayed at the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s The Art of Video Games that shows off the evolution of video games over the past forty years. At this year’s PAX Prime, Square will kick off the celebration of the anniversary with the Experience Final Fantasy event on Friday August 31 from 1pm to 9pm at ACT Theatre in Seattle. Prizes available at the event include character plushies and custom Final Fantasy XIII-2 branded PS3 and Xbox 360. Attendees also receive a 25th anniversary poster that features the artwork of Yoshitaka Amano.

Toward the end of the even fans will have a chance to learn new details from involving Lightning’s story from the creators of the game.

Other events celebrating the series are concerts that include Distant Worlds: The Celebration, a concert celebrating the music of Final Fantasy, at Akoo Theatre in Chicago on December 7th and Final Fantasy XI: 10th Anniversary Concert in  Zellerback Auditorium in Berkely on September 22nd.

Fans of the series have a ton to be excited about including the recent launch of Final Fantasy III on Android, the announcement of the game on Ouya at launch, the release of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII, and the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Final Fantasy Dimensions. To help everyone keep up with upcoming events Square Enix has released a website that can be viewed here.

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