Square Enix to Update Chrono Trigger on PC with Original Graphics and More "Over the Coming Months"

After a negative reception for the PC version's release, Square Enix stated that the company will provide post-launch updates for Chrono Trigger on Steam.

April 3, 2018

Back in February, Square Enix stealth released the acclaimed JRPG Chrono Trigger on PC that marked the game’s first appearance on the platform, but notably the PC release was met with widespread negative reception for it being (largely) a port of the mobile edition, while Square Enix is now seeking to refine the game on PC in a new update.

Square Enix provided an update on the Steam Community page for Chrono Trigger that the company will be providing updates for the game on PC “over the coming months” with the first planned update to arrive sometime in the next few weeks in April.

The biggest update that Square outlined will be the integration of an option to switch between the PC version’s high resolution graphics and the original graphical style of Chrono Trigger as it first debuted on SNES.

No other details were provided from Square as to what to expect from updates on the PC release, though the company assured that the development team is working on “adjusting, updating and supporting” the game’s PC release since its debut in February.

As a final note, Square also confirmed that the Limited Edition of the game will extend its availability on Steam through 9am PDT on April 30th, giving purchasers a chance to grab it for a few extra weeks via Humble Bundle.

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