Square Enix Collective Opens Its Doors For New Game Ideas

on April 4, 2014 11:48 AM

After a testing phase the Square Enix Collective is now fully open to game ideas from developers.

The site allows potential titles and projects to be submitted. If they meet the criteria, the concept is then posted to the site. The pitch receives feedback from others and votes determine if the product has the potential to receive crowd funding.

Before today only three projects had been featured on the site, Game of Glens, Moon Hunters and World War Machine. Only two qualified to continue on to receive crowd funding – sorry Glens.

“The pilot phase went really well, we learned so much during the test month and the teams we worked with; Tuque Games, Kitfox Games and Ruffian Games, have given great and useful feedback,” said Phil Elliott, project lead for Collective. “Now it’s over to you as we open up the platform on an ongoing basis, and see what sort of ideas come in, from developers all around the world and what gamers think of those ideas.”

Requirements are simple. Projects must have a lead who is already an industry professional, have a reasonable expectation for funding while also having not already received any, digital-only and be made for the PC.

New pitches will appear every Monday on the site.

While currently accepting original ideas there is the potential that further down the road former Eidos IPs will be available for developer use.