Square Enix Commissioned Cosplayer to Recreate the Grim Marrow from Outriders

The Outriders cosplay winner is...

By Jo Craig

July 30, 2021

Popular cosplayer Kamui Cosplay recently posted an impressive video to YouTube, outlining how Japanese developer and publisher Square Enix commissioned a Grim Barrow prop and Outriders outfit to be made from the co-op action game.

The Grim Marrow is a legendary weapon categorized as a light machine gun. Its special stats include critical damage and close range damage, with a 3-second reload. The gun’s unique shape and colorful highlights make the blaster an eye-catching weapon in-game, and the cosplayer has done a remarkable job at recreating it.

Outriders Launch Trailer

Outriders Launch Trailer

Grim Marrow Prop

At first glance, the prop is flawless, decorated with a bone-like structure and a vibrant upper deck. Kamui Cosplay also posted a 30-minute video detailing the behind-the-scenes process involved in creating the prop, and revealed that Square Enix had commissioned the weapon to be recreated. The video shows the cosplayer building the weapon from scratch, by establishing a solid foundation before moving to the tedious part of fixing the crystals and LED lights.

The cosplayer stated that this was one of their favorite projects, and created the Grim Marrow by combining EVA foam, hot flue, acrylic crystals and PVC pipes. Taking four weeks to complete, the cosplayer also revealed that the prop includes almost 400 LEDs to replicate the blaster’s colorful inner workings. The Grim Marrow prop even has a working trigger and sound effects to add to its realistic qualities.

EVA foam is a very popular material used by cosplayers to create weapons, props and key costume components. The material is easily cut, manipulated into shape and attached to other parts with hot glue. The light weight of the foam allows the costume or prop to be easily worn or carried, without the risk of injury, however it is also sturdy enough to hold its shape after multiple uses.

Meet the Cosplayer – Kamui Cosplay

Kamui Cosplay is operated by Svetlana and Benni, who began cosplaying in 2003. Their time is spent building various costumes and props from video games, anime and film, and their YouTube channel is also dedicated to sharing their knowledge with people who are looking to begin their cosplay or prop master journey.

On top of their YouTube channel, Kamui Cosplay has also released multiple tutorial books for beginners to follow along, read about the process and gather knowledge on what materials are involved. The couple also run a blog that covers many topics and tips about prop and costume creation.

Kamui Cosplay has created many costumes and props from various fandoms, including Monster Hunter World, The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy XIV.

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