Square Enix Debuts Luminous Engine

Is the image on the left just a photo of a parking garage entrance? Seems that way.


Late last week Square Enix unveiled their new secret weapon: the Luminous Engine, a next-generation engine that produces renders with photo-realistic effects. This new engine is expected to lower game development costs by almost 30 percent and significantly reduce production time.

Currently, Square Enix’s elusive title Final Fantasy Versus XIII is in development using the engine. And not just CGI cutscenes, which may slowly become a thing of the past in the wake of Luminous’ power — the entire game will be glossed with the sheen of photorealism thanks to this new system. The engine will allow the company, notorious for abusing the term “in production,” to save on precious time and cost in future development cycles.

Take a peek at several shots demonstrating the Luminous Engine’s power after the cut.

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