Square Enix Exploring Options to Reveal Games Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Square Enix Exploring Options to Reveal Games Amid COVID-19 Crisis

In liue of E3 2020's cancellation, Square Enix announced it is exploring other options to showcase its upcoming 2020 games lineup.

Square Enix announced it is currently looking at other options to reveal its upcoming 2020 games lineup.

In an update from Square Enix’s Twitter, the company echoes the sentiments made during this COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and supports the ESA’s decision to cancel E3 2020. It notes its 2020 lineup of games, which includes next-gen platforms, is “stronger than ever.” As such, the company is currently looking at its options to reveal its future titles.

“Our 2020 lineup, and the next-generation that lies beyond, is stronger than ever for Square Enix,” reads the post. “Where E3 has always been an incredible moment in time to showcase our upcoming games, we’re exploring other options to share our games with you.”

What exactly does this mean? It seems most companies, Microsoft and Ubisoft included, will host digital events so viewers can enjoy the reveals from home. Details are not currently available, but it seems reasonable that Square Enix would follow suit. The company does state that there is “more to come” and to “stay tuned.” So, we’ll know soon enough what it has in store.

Coronavirus has really made an impact on the world, with just about every public event postponed, cancelled, or finding other means to bring those experiences from home. Along with E3 2020’s cancellation, many esports leagues and tournaments, including Overwatch League and Smash World Tour, have had to make alterations due to the pandemic. Much of the cancellations go as far as June, with future events past that month still up in the air.

With this outbreak spreading at a fairly rapid rate, this seems to be just the beginning of how the coronavirus will affect the gaming industry. While it is incredibly interesting seeing how these companies manage to get its messages out to its consumers, it’s disheartening to see it affect the world in such an extreme way. To reverberate the many messages, stay home if you can, keep clean, and take care.