Square-Enix Fully Prepared to Give You A Vita, Just So Long As You Like Them

on October 31, 2011 9:30 PM

For its upcoming strategy title, Army Corps of Hell, the mother of all JRPG developers is offering to hook customers up with a PlayStation Vita and a copy of the game. All you’ve gotta do is visit the game’s official Facebook profile, enter your name and email address and badaboom: You’ve entered a contest.

The contest starts today and potential winners have until Jan. 30 to enter. Army Corps of Hell drops for the PlayStation Vita Feb. 22, 2012. Check the jump for a bit more info on the game itself.

Developed by Square-Enix, Army Corps of Hell puts you in control of a legion of goblins and utilizes the Vita’s touchpad to command the cadre in its mission of mischief — think Overlord. In addition to the grand prize of the Vita and game, runners up will be announced at the end of each month by Square-Enix; these folks remain in the running for the grand prize even if they’re chosen to take home a runner up award.

Army Corps of Hell is rated M and, as stated before, will drop Feb. 22. Almost seems as though that’s four months too late, doesn’t it?

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