Guardians of the Galaxy Game Reportedly in Development by Square Enix


We've got our fingers crossed that it turns out better than Marvel's Avengers!

May 27, 2021

Square Enix could be attempting to write their wrongs as reports have began circulating that a new Guardians of the Galaxy game is in development at the studio.

The information originates from industry insider and journalist, Jeff Grubb. In a recent podcast on his personal YouTube channel, Grubb said “That’s real. Guardians of the Galaxy, Square Enix, another Marvel game”.

Could fans receive at least an announcement of the upcoming game at this years E3 event?

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Grubb didn’t divulge any further information on the upcoming Square Enix game, but he did say “I hope they show it at E3 because I wanna see what people think of it”.


This could mean that Jeff knows more than he’s letting on and that the game could be far enough along that fans receive some sort of trailer when E3 kicks off on June 12.

Don’t get your hopes up though, as there’s yet to be any official confirmation from Square Enix themselves that a Guardians of the Galaxy game is actually in development.

Plus, with reports that Square Enix made a loss of $63 million USD on their recent adaptation of Marvel’s Avengers, would they be willing to risk another loss? Or have they learned from their mistakes?

Many Marvel fans were ecstatic at the thought of Square Enix taking on an Avengers game, but the game unfortunately received mixed reviews. Many claimed the game Multiplayer aspect of Marvel’s Avengers fell flat, with rough progression, boring environments, and was an allround grind.

However, many of the positive aspects of the reviews did state that the game had a fantastic Single-Player element with an enjoyable story.

It’s possible that Square Enix heard the complaints from fans and are looking to get back on track and right their wrongs. We hope that Square Enix goes the more traditional campaign orientated route with Guardians of the Galaxy, but for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Unfortunately, that’s all there is to report on Square Enix’s possible Guardians of the Galaxy game. You can check out Jeff Grubb’s podcast to see what he has to say about the upcoming title, skip to 9:25 for Guardians of the Galaxy talk.

Make sure you let us know, would you want to see Square Enix take a crack at another Marvel property? And as always, take this information with a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed as of writing.

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