Square-Enix is in a Hurry to Fix FFXIV

Square-Enix is in a Hurry to Fix FFXIV


We all know that Final Fantasy XIV – Square-Enix’s latest MMO offering – got fire-roasted in the media when it was released. Typical media response – even if it wasn’t the correct way to go about things – was to compare the game to World of Warcraft and cry because it wasn’t. However, some reviewers did bring out valid points, many being things that the community has complained about since the closed beta stages. Square-Enix is aiming to correct all that and draw players even deeper into the world of Eorzea.

The CEO of Square-Enix, Yoichi Wada, during an investor briefing the other day, mentioned what they’re working on.

“We’re quickly working on reforms. We’d like to put our full power into regaining trust.”

What is this, Toyota or something? Seems like it. He continued to admit that many of the problems the game is seeing weren’t necessarily issues with the game, but rather from expectations for the title being too high. I can relate to that. On the topic of recovering trust, he continued:

“If we satisfy our users, they will return. On the other hand, once the users say, ‘forget this,’ there’s no turning back. We can only recover our trust so far.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Unfortunately, I tend to view the media as an unfortunate participant in this game’s shaky start, even if many of the things that were labeled as “bad” were misunderstood or misrepresented mechanics.

The good thing is, though, that Square-Enix is plowing a head and still looking forward to a PlayStation 3 launch for this MMO in March of 2011. How many units have they sold so far of the PC version? More than I expected, frankly – 630,000 units total shipped worldwide. That breaks down to 190,000 in Japan, 210,000 in North America and a whopping 230,000 in Europe.