Square Enix Looking to Strengthen The Final Fantasy XIV Development Team

Square Enix Looking to Strengthen The Final Fantasy XIV Development Team

Normally, when a MMORPG has a rocky launch, it’s team gets hit by heavy layoffs, resources get cut and all kind of bad things happen to the ones that worked on it.

Apparently this isn’t the case with Final Fantasy XIV. Shortly after launch Square Enix restructured the team without (as far as we know) firing a single soul, and now that the game is getting better with every patch, the Japanese corporation seems to be getting more confident about the potential of the game to climb back up the tricky stairs of success.

Giving a quick look at Square Enix’ recruitment page, we can notice something quite interesting: the publisher is looking to strenghten their Final Fantasy XIV team, hiring new employees to cover eleven new positions.

The new positions available are: Game design specification/development Planner, Script writing Planner, Battle Planner, Level Design Planner, Event Planner, Database Engineer, Server Programmer, Game Programer, 3D Graphics Programmer, Tool Programmer and Web Designer.

Another definitely interesting tidbit for the ones wondering if the PS3 version of the game is still planned (It’s already been confirmed, but further confirmations are always good) several of the positions offered list “experience in the production of console games” as a preferred trait.

So if you thought that Final Fantasy XIV was on the way to sunset, you may want to think again. At the very least Square Enix disagrees with you, and when a publisher does so by actually hiring people, it normally means that they’re quite confident in what they’re doing.