Square Enix Might Support PS Move for Final Fantasy XIV on PS3

June 22, 2010

In a shocking turn of events, Square Enix has said in an E3 interview with PS Blog that they will actually be considering PlayStation Move support for the upcoming Live Action / Turn-based hybrid MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV likely releasing on PC and PlayStation 3 later this year. We have yet to see everything the Move can do but the growing library of games for it is obviously turning heads in the development world and causing big dogs S.E. to strongly consider the peripheral even in a game one might not immediately assume it to support. Can this be done in a way that will not upset the future fans of the game? What can be said about having an advantage/disadvantage over other players depending on whether you are using a keyboard/mouse combination, standard controller, or PS Move (if it ends up being supported)? Be on the lookout for DualShockers’ first-hand impressions of Final Fantasy XIV in which we will address these questions and more.


[PS Blog]

Jon Ireson

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