Square Enix to Announce Multiple New Games Between July and August

Square Enix will announce new games during July-August, probably announcements that were supposed to come June/E3 2020, delayed with the pandemic.

Square Enix held a shareholders meeting on June 24. We most notably learned from it that the company has plans to announce new games during the July-August time frame. (Thanks to our peers at Game’s Talk for pointing it out).

It’s likely these announcements would have happened at the now canceled E3 2020. Square Enix mentioned a few weeks ago how it would not hold an online event during the E3 period in June because assets and such for reveals aren’t ready yet due to the covid-19 pandemic slowing production down.

Square Enix is currently working on multiple previously announced projects. First off we have Luminous Productions, working on Project Athia (tentative title). Judging from the studio’s words a while back, it’s probably its only ongoing project, or at least the only one in full production. Next, we already have multiple Dragon Quest games announced, so the announcements this summer probably won’t be even more Dragon Quest. A proper reveal of Dragon Quest XII could be possible though.

The same could be said for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, as while I personally don’t believe it’ll release anytime soon, Square Enix did announce the first game many years before launch.

Another possibility would be a brand new Subarashiki Kono Sekai game to tie-up with the new anime recently revealed. Yet another possibility would be revivals, like a new Star Ocean or Valkyrie Profile.I don’t believe it one bit though. I feel like it’s even less likely than bad police officers in France and US getting properly judged. Lastly, we could be getting brand new IPs coming, including for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Square Enix however specified a few months ago it’ll focus on releasing cross-gen games at the moment.

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