Square Enix on a Hiring Spree for Final Fantasy XV; To Use Industry-Leading Engineering and Art

Square Enix on a Hiring Spree for Final Fantasy XV; To Use Industry-Leading Engineering and Art

Square Enix recently updated its career opportunity ads for it’s second division, which is the one responsible for the development of Final Fantasy XV.

The website now includes a message of the game’s Director Hajime Tabata, talking about the division’s goals:

We are the core of the development of the latest chapter of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XV. For our highest rated series we’re aiming for the highest revenue. ours is a department at the forefront of technological development. With industry-leading engineering and fine art skills, we put together talent and planning to challenge production.

Tabata-san continues by explaining that the second division doesn’t work on products with which they cannot relate, but they do things they are excited for themselves. By the collective efforts of the group they aim to create the best game possible as an open and strong production studio.

He also mentions that while in Japan opportunities to work on AAA games able to challenge the world stage have been reduced as of late, they do exist in his team, and those that apply have a chance to create the new chapter of Final Fantasy on the latest hardware platforms, or new IP which could become the pillar of Square Enix by taking advantage of that know-how.

To that end, the division is going on a veritable hiring spree, seeking a Lead Planner, a Planner, a Senior Character Designer, a Lighting Designer, a Game Programmer, a Game Engine Programmer and a System Programmer explicitly for Final Fantasy XV. On top of that they’re also hiring a CG Programmer, a Technical Director, two Project Managers (responsible for business with Chinese and English speaking partners), two Producers, a Management Coordinator and a 3D CGI Modeler.

Interestingly, most of the ads related to Final Fantasy XV explicitly mention that the company is entering the full production stretch towards the completion of the game. While we’re going to have to wait a bit longer to play the game, this hiring effort definitely shows that Square Enix is finally getting serious about getting Noctis’ adventure running on our consoles.