Square Enix Planning an “Online Game Related to Final Fantasy XV”

Square Enix Planning an “Online Game Related to Final Fantasy XV”

In an interesting turn of events, Square Enix may be planning for Final Fantasy XV to go beyond its offline JRPG nature, as indicated by a career opportunity ad seeking an Online Game Planner.

The ad specifically indicate that the task at hand would be “Planning of a new online game related to Final Fantasy XV.”

The selected candidate would have to facilitate the project and to determine specifications prior to development, and afterwards to supervise the work and content creation by external partner companies.

The ad also requires experience in online management, game production, billing and knowledge in game systems design. Interestingly, it also mentions interest in PC gaming.

Square Enix has made no official announcement on the topic, and for now we should consider this with a grain of salt, as we don’t know the scope of the project, or even if it’ll really see the light.

Yet, it’s quite interesting, as it seems to be “related” to Final Fantasy XV, but a separate experience. Square Enix lists ads for candidates that will work directly on Final Fantasy XV with an explicit header in the title, and this one doesn’t include that header, indicating that it’s probably a parallel project or some kind of spin-off.

Whether it’s some kind of ambitious Final Fantasy XV Online MMORPG (which isn’t too likely, since it would probably compete too directly with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn), or a more compact and less far-reaching project, your guess is as good as mine, but something is seems to be definitely brewing at Square Enix.

[Thanks for the tip: Remora]