Square Enix is Recruiting for the Future of the Kingdom Hearts Series

Square Enix is recruiting for the Kingdom Hearts series, and this could mean the Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC is launching very soon.

Square Enix recently published multiple new job offers for experimented UI Designers, Technical Artists, and Effects Designers for the “HD development of the Kingdom Hearts series”. This isn’t particularly news as any big company would be recruiting for future projects of one of their biggest series. It’s not like Square Enix officially announced a new Kingdom Hearts game though these job offers, something they did a few months ago but with Dragon Quest. However, this is still nice info, as it allows us to make multiple interesting conjectures.

“HD development” means PS4 and Xbox One era, and experience on these two consoles is listed among the skills required for the jobs. But this could also hint that Square Enix is already working on Kingdom Hearts projects for the next generation. But again, it would be nothing surprising seeing how big of a company Square Enix is.

Here’s the second interesting hypothesis: while the Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC still has no release date,  Tetsuya Nomura previously said he wishes to release it before the end of 2019, and focus on it before moving on to another KH project If recruitments are starting for a new Kingdom Hearts project, it means the development of the KH3 Re:Mind  DLC is nearly done and it should launch very soon.

A new trailer for the DLC launched in September, making everyone expect a release date reveal, but it only said “This Winter”. If I was less into niche Japanese things and more into popular things, I’d probably include some Game of Thrones reference here.

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