Square-Enix Releases Developer Diary Explaining the Many Islands of Wakfu

on March 13, 2012 4:30 PM

Today, Square-Enix and Ankama released part four of their Developer Diaries to explain the many islands of Wakfu. They are based on the World of Twelve from Ankama’s previous title, Dofus. Sadly, the world was completely engulfed by water when the ogre, Ogrest, used the six primordial Dofus in a fit of rage. If we know anything about ogres, that’s what usually happens, isn’t it?

There are four nations in the new world that can be governed by the players.

Bonta: the forested island that produces lumber.

Amakna: the farming nation.

Sufokia: the tropical fishing island.

Brakmar: a desolate place for mining ore.

Each nation has a headquarters that is used as the safe starting zone. The seven territories in each nation contain markets, towns and wilder areas with stronger monsters. Outside of the main nations are smaller islands that can be conquered for unique resources and add tactical advantages when it comes to warring against other factions.

Check out the French animated video below, complete with subtitles.

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