Square-Enix Releases New FFXIV 2.0 Screens

on June 5, 2012 8:18 PM

Square-Enix is not one to give up, that’s for sure. Today producer Naoki Yoshida stated that even though SE would not show a new trailer at E3, that the show was a good opportunity to release new information about their upcoming reboot. Square-Enix today released two screengrabs of the upcoming trailer, in which a meteor hits Eorzea.

To accompany the trailer screens, Square-Enix also released new in-game screenshots of the battle system and the character creation system. There’s also screens of the upcoming jump system, moogle postmen, and the dynamic shadows that cascade across Eorzea. FFXIV is definitely a breathtaking game, but no one has ever questioned that. The new system looks enticing, but players who were wooed by the original flash of FFXIV may not be so easily lured back. As an FFXI:Online veteran, FFXIV didn’t interest me in the least, but this new reboot may garner some of my attention. You can view the screenshot gallery below.

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