Square Enix Releases New Screenshots For Sleeping Dogs

Square Enix, overseeing a project run by Vancouver-based United Front Games, has been dropping information on the new Hong Kong crime action-drama, Sleeping Dogs. A few weeks ago we brought you the game’s live action announcement trailer, which teased us with a few scant story details and some great martial arts choreography.

This time around, we’ve got some images showcasing the in-game graphics. The design team captures the neon-gritty spirit of Hong Kong brilliantly, and the character designs, though less flamboyant than usual, are as stellar as you’d expect coming from a project presented by Square-Enix. Check out the image gallery after the break to see for yourself.

Sleeping Dogs has an August release date, which leaves ample time for more little info drops like today’s. Thus far we have the story details mentioned in the linked trailer article, and we know the gameplay utilizes brutal melee combat with environment-specific takedowns, and also includes substantial shooting and driving elements.

Keep an eye on this one, as gameplay videos and new details are sure to emerge soon.

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