Square Enix Reveals a Beautiful New Bahamut Statue from Final Fantasy

Square Enix Reveals a Beautiful New Bahamut Statue from Final Fantasy

Square Enix has revealed a new, super-detailed Bring Arts Bahamut figurine that's available for fans of the series to pre-order right now.

If you’re a hardcore Final Fantasy fan, and more specifically a Bahamut fan like myself, Square Enix has revealed a beautiful, epic new statue from sculptor Takayuki Takeya that you can pre-order right now.

The statue will release later this year in the month of July. The figure features articulated jointing so that you can change up it’s pose to whatever looks best to you. Instead of a clear, plastic stand, Bahamut’s stand features crystals that are bursting from the ground, so rest assured it’ll look badass on any desk or display. If you’re not familiar with Bahamut, it’s easily one of the coolest summon from the Final Fantasy series. It has appeared in multiple different entries, including the first title, and made a special cameo in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars back in 1996 as a hidden boss. You can check out a bunch of pictures of the figure down below.

In other Final Fantasy news, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT release last week exclusively on PS4. You can expect our review of the game to drop sometime this week. Furthermore, some new art from Final Fantasy VII: Remake was revealed at the series’ 30th-anniversary event in Tokyo. Back in early January, Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of the game said that development on the project is going well.

If you’re interested at all in pre-ordering the new Bahamut statue, it’ll run you about $135 USD.