Square Enix Reveals New Drakengard 3 DLC

on June 3, 2014 2:06 PM

Drakengard 3, now available for $49.99 on the PS3 as well as a digital download on the PlayStation Network and Square Enix Online Store, is adding new DLC to expand the story and gameplay experience. Starting today you can get:

  • Sister Prologues: Additional prequel chapters featuring Two, Three, Four, Five, and Zero in a playable level with their own unique weapons; each chapter, minus Two, contains its own unique trophy set as well ($5.99 each).
  • Sister Prologue Bundle: Contains all of the above prologue chapters, including One ($29.99).
  • Furiae’s Garb: The costume of the princess turned goddess, Furiae, from the original Drakengard. It reduces damage taken by 5% when equipped ($2.99).
  • Eris’ Garb: The garment of the youngest military commander in Drakengard 2 prevents stamina loss when guarding ($2.99).
  • Intoner Arrange Tracks: A new music pack that replaces the tracks used when Zero enters Intoner Mode ($1.99).


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