Square Enix Twitter Accounts Locked After E3 Showcase - What Truly Happened, Why Fans Are Unhappy?

By Iyane Agossah

June 13, 2021

Square Enix just finished its E3 2021 showcase this June 13, and many fans ended up sharing their discontentment on Twitter, with the accounts of Square Enix USA and Europe switching to locked mode, seemingly in reaction to the backlash, but what truly happened?

It’s appealing to believe the accounts were closed due to the fans, but what happened is actually quite different and pretty simple. With that said, there are definitely fans unhappy with the Square Enix E3 Showcase, and the reveal of Stranger in Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

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Square Enix Twitter Accounts Locked – What happened?

Soon after the end of the E3 2021 Square Enix Presents, fans on Twitter noticed the accounts for Square Enix USA and Europe protected their tweets. Many fans, especially on the Japanese side of Twitter, are trolling and claiming this is because of a huge wave of backlash following the showcase.

However, if you look at the bios for both @SquareEnixUSA and @SquareEnixEurope, it says that the accounts have been merged with @SquareEnix, which is the real reason for the lock.

Square Enix E3 2021 – Why fans are unhappy?

The Square Enix E3 showcase mainly focused on Marvel’s adaptations, with nearly 30 minutes on the new Guardians of the Galaxy game and the Black Panther DLC for Avengers. Meanwhile, Japanese games were only showcased for a few minutes at most.

Moreover, many fans are incredibly skeptical about the artistic direction of the brand new title revealed: Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

What happened with Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin?

Many fans, myself included, are disappointed the reveal trailer doesn’t look like Final Fantasy at all. In particular, the characters, despite being designed by Tetsuya Nomura, all feel incredibly out of place, especially seeing their modern streetwear.

However, there is actually a specific reason for this, as seemingly the protagonists: Jack, Ash, and Jed, are from a modern world similar to ours, and were teleported to the world of Final Fantasy I. This is seemingly what the title Stranger in Paradise is hinting at.

You can see all three protagonists in modern clothing in the press release published by Square Enix. Tetsuya Nomura, on Twitter, said the game is still shrouded in mystery, hinting that Square Enix will officially expand on this “characters transported to another world”, Isekai like pattern later on.

With that said, I personally really can’t get excited about this trailer, as it feels way too Americanized and not what I’d expect from Koei Tecmo and Square Enix. It feels like a caricature of what some Japanese developers thought was cool in America. It’s way too dark and edgy as well, and I’m sure the protagonists didn’t have to say so many times in the trailer that they wanna kill Chaos.

And of course, Final Fantasy was always a mix of fantasy and sci-fi, so I’m not particularly bothered by that aspect of the game. But this is definitely not what I imagined after Final Fantasy Origin was leaked two weeks ago, even if the leaks did claim it’d be a dark game.

What did you guys think of the E3 2021 Square Enix showcase? You can always hit me up on Twitter @A_iyane07.

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