Squenix’s Order Of War Hits North America

Squenix’s Order Of War Hits North America

Although the majority of us are already getting tired of this whole WWII frenzy that’s been convoluting our consoles/PCs for the last couple of years, there’s one game that has peaked the interest of RTS fans – Order of War.

Publisher Square Enix announced today that Order of Warfor the PC is now available at retailers across North America. A brand-spanking-new IP being developed by strategy game specialists Wargaming.net, Order of War is Squenix’s first release of a western-developed game outside Japan.

I’m, no doubt, sure that some of you are mumbling the words “Not again…” as World War II games have been milked beyond belief. We all know what happens in these games; You start at an epic landmark location where fierce battles took place, you end up losing some buddies, and then the United States/Allies rely solely on your amazing skills as a soldier to save the world from the tyranny Nazi Germany has bestowed upon the globe. In the end, you become a war hero. Jack Bauer from 24 looks like crotch lint next to your statuesque heroism. You get a medal, a pat on the back, and a fistfull of buttplugs to shove in your ass for the next couple of months/years until your country calls for you again… in the sequel.

The single-player mode in Order of War can be played out in two campaigns. The first features American forces versus German forces as they land on the beaches of occupied France on D-Day. The second lets the players change sides, commanding German forces in Poland battling against the badass Soviet Army and in France battling American troops. The multiplayer mode can be played in either LAN or Internet mode.

Looks like Square Enix is taking the dive into other more challenging genres of gaming. But this isn’t the only title that they developed outside the Japanese influence. Square Enix will further continue to take the plunge with North American and European development studios in making titles such as Supreme Command 2, by developer Gas Powered Games, and Front Mission Evolved, Double Helix Games. A bold move, I must say, by the well-known RPG developing conglomerate.

Can we expect Order of War to be any good? According to some folks at E3 this year, hell yes. Although I’m getting a bit tired of the oversaturation going on with WWII, I’d say – as a fan of the RTS genre – that this game might definitely tickle my pickle. I will be picking this one up.

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