Squid Game Cosplayer Brings the Sinister Doll Into Reality

Cosplayer M4STIFF goes viral with their creepy doll cosplay from Netflix's Squid Game.

By Rachael Fiddis

October 6, 2021

Cosplayer M4STIFF goes viral with their creepy doll cosplay from Netflix’s Squid Game.

You would have had to be living under a rock to not have heard about Netflix’s newest and very popular show, Squid Game. The Korean thriller/ survival show written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk sees 456 players, drawn from different walks of life but each deeply in debt, play a set of children’s games with deadly consequences for losing for a chance to win a big money prize.

The series has very quickly become a huge success in a short space of time with everyone and their granny chatting about it and persuading others to watch it. One cosplayer thought they’d take the robotic doll from the show and transfer it into the real world which definitely produces even creepier vibes.

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Red light, green light

If this is your first time hearing about Squid Game, (where have you been?) let me give you a quick run-down on this terrifying doll.

Throughout the deadly game, the hugely scary doll can be seen standing next to a tree and in front of a large group of contestants. However, when the doll turns towards the tree the players must move towards the doll and if they don’t freeze straight away, it could be curtains for them.

To celebrate, for use of a better word, this weird game and even stranger doll, cosplayer M4STIFF comes in with their very own interpretation of the sinister yet colourful and child-like robot.

M4STIFF has made sure to dress up exactly like the doll equipping herself with the bright orange pinafore dress, knee-high white socks and that eerie expressionless face. I have a feeling as we approach Halloween this year. we will be seeing plenty of these robotic dolls wandering around the streets.

If you haven’t yet, Squid Game is available to watch on Netflix right now.

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