Here’s Where You Can Watch Today’s Stadia Connect Stream

Here’s Where You Can Watch Today’s Stadia Connect Stream

Watch along with us and see what Google has in store for its first Stadia Connect live stream.

Google is set to have its first major event today since first revealing Stadia back at GDC earlier this year. The first-ever Stadia Connect stream, which seems to be Google’s iteration of the Nintendo Direct format, will start at the top of the hour at 12pm EST/9am PST.

While Google revealed quite a bit of information about Stadia just a few months back, there’s still a lot we have left to learn about the platform. Most notably, a specific launch date, games that will be coming to Stadia, and a pricing plan have yet to be given at all. Luckily, Google says all three of those remaining topics are set to be discussed during Stadia Connect today.

Before the event has even started, we’ve already heard rumors that both Destiny 2 and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will each be appearing on Stadia when it launches. While both of these games appearing on the streaming service seem to be pretty surefire, we’ll likely find out one way or another in just a few minutes.

If you’re looking to tune in and see what Google has up its sleeve today for yourself, you can head over to YouTube to watch. Conversely, I’ve also attached the stream in this article down below to save you some time.

And if you’d rather not watch Stadia Connect at all, we’ll have all the biggest news pieces from the event for you here on DualShockers as we learn just what will be happening.