STALKER 2 Gets More Details and Some New Screenshots

STALKER 2 features a non-linear story where the choices you make will have their own outcomes and consequences.

July 24, 2020

Yesterday, Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase hosted nearly a dozen of new announcements from various first-party and third-party developers, including the reveal trailer for GSC GameWorld’s STALKER 2. The game has been in the development phase for nearly two years, and finally, we got the chance to have a glimpse at its dark world and haunting atmosphere.

As a direct sequel to the original game, STALKER 2 is set in Chernobyl after its disastrous radio-active explosion that happened in 1986. The game follows the outcomes and consequences of the explosion, which has affected the lives of all the people living in the area. However, in the world of STALKER, another disaster follows the explosion which is the mutation of humans and other living creatures in the area, altering the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone to a deadly district that seems impossible to survive.


Playing as a Stalker, you enter the zone in search of some rare artifacts that grant people various physical abilities. That being said, there are other soldiers from other factions as well, who wouldn’t necessarily act friendly when they spot you. In addition to unauthorized factions, you should also deal with the national army which strictly controls the area, avoiding everyone from exiting or entering the zone.

The new screenshots showcase some of the game’s haunting and horrifying locations. The series has always known for its heavy atmosphere and it seems STALKER 2 will be loyal to its origins in that case. According to developers, the game will feature a non-linear story where your decisions will shape your destiny. Besides, the team confirmed that they are using photogrammetry and motion capture techs to deliver the game with the best possible quality in the case of visuals.

STALKER 2 is being developed on Unreal Engine 4, targetting a 2021 release on Xbox Series X and PC. Also, a PS5 version of the game could possibly launch sometime later.

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