Stan Lee Will Be Playable in the Amazing Spider-Man Game

on February 29, 2012 7:15 PM

Stan Lee has made a cameo in every single theatrical Marvel movie since 2000’s X-Men. Hell, he’s even made an appearance or two in a few video games based on the superheroes he helped create. But when this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man and its companion video game, you may get to watch the man for a moment on the big screen but you’ll also control him on your Xbox 360 or PS3.

Speaking to British comics site Addict of Fiction, Lee mentioned that although he hasn’t played Marvel Vs. Capcom, he’s slated to appear as a playable character in the video game adaptation of this summer’s Spidey adventure. The answer is Spider-Man. Check out the video after the jump because, hey, why not.

“I’m gonna be a playable character in — what’s the game?” he asks an off-camera rep. Spider-Man, Mr. Lee.

Who knows in what capacity we’ll get to control the X-Men and Spider-Man co-creator. And what would his powers even be? Let’s just hope it’s not pre-order DLC specific to a given retailer. Although this information hasn’t been confirmed by Activision, we might just take Lee’s word for it. At least we hope we can.

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