Star Citizen: 457 1080p Screenshots Show All the Ships and what Next-Gen Really Looks Like – Part 1

Star Citizen: 457 1080p Screenshots Show All the Ships and what Next-Gen Really Looks Like – Part 1

Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen just hit 40 million dollars in crowdfunding, but many still don’t realize just how good the game looks. It’s definitely one of the few titles that truly makes me think “next generation.”

It’s not just the insane polygon count that makes Star Citizen‘s ships look this good, but also the incredibly high resolution textures, the crisp normal maps, the realistic animated parts and just the quasi-fanatical love that the team pours into designing every piece in a way that looks extremely realistic despite the fact that we’re talking about science fiction.

While the game itself isn’t out yet, the Hangar Module is already available to those that pledged for it, showcasing in-engine all the ships each user purchased in all their interactive glory.

To give you a a glimpse on all that digital beauty, we got in touch with Cloud Imperium Games and we were given a chance to explore every single ship of the fourteen currently available in the Hangar Module.  Today you’ll see the first seven with a whopping 457 1080p screenshots at maximum settings, while very soon part two will showcase the other seven.

In order to get the best rendition possible, every screenshot is saved in lossless PNG, so they’re rather big. Make sure to give them the time to load.

 RSI Aurora MR

The Aurora MR is the basic spaceship in the game, utilitarian and simple, it’s also very easy to upgrade, even if many pilots quickly move to a new ship as soon as they can afford it. Despite its simplicity, it comes with a sleeping module in the back.


Hornet F7C

The F7C is the civilian version of the best light fighter available to the UEE Navy. It’s powerfully armed and extremely dangerous in a dogfight, but doesn’t come with the luxuries of bigger ships. It lacks the top turret included in the military version.


Hornet F7C-D Ghost

The Hornet Ghost is the stealth version of the Hornet, equipped with low-emission drives, low-draw weapons and Void Armor technology, it’s able to radically reduce the possibility of being detected by scans. It’s the perfect covert-ops fighter.


Origin Jumpworks 300i

Luxurious and versatile, the 300i is loved by bounty hunters thanks to its extreme flexibility and extensive upgrade options. It’s basically perfect for every task, from jump point scouting to pirate hunting. It also looks extremely sleek, so what’s not to love?


Aegis Dynamics Avenger

The Avenger has an extremely solid reputation as an attack fighter, with powerful guns and even a rather spacious cargo bay coming as a bonus. It’s great for hunting and bringing back the spoils. (The model of the Avenger is still a work in progress, as you can notice by a few placeholder labels that say to disconnect electricity before dropping the tank on parts that aren’t exactly auxiliary fuel tanks).


MISC Freelancer

The Freelancer is the quintessential exploration ship, with capable of long range operation and equipped with a vast array of weapons and a spacious cargo hold. It’s definitely worthy of its glorious namesake.


Drake Interplanetary Cutlass

The Cutlass is exactly what the name implies, the perfect pirate fighter. Powerful weapons, speed and maneuverability and a nice cargo bay to bring back the booty make this ship a favorite between outlaws.


And that’s it for today. Very soon we’ll examine in detail seven more ships, including the enormous Constellation, so you can expect even more digital beauty here on DualShockers. In the meanwhile, you can still pledge your own support for Star Citizen on the official site, and help kick the game way past the 40 million dollars goal.

If there’s a man that can revive space simulation games, that’s Wing Commander‘s creator Chris Roberts, and hopefully the galleries above helped you catch a glimpse on the reason.