Star Citizen: 674 1080p Screenshots Show All the Ships and What Next-Gen Really Looks Like – Part 2

Star Citizen: 674 1080p Screenshots Show All the Ships and What Next-Gen Really Looks Like – Part 2

Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen hit 40 million dollars in crowdfunding last week, but many still don’t realize just how good the game looks. It’s one of the few titles currently over the development horizon that fit my definition of truly “next generation.”

It’s not just the insane polygon count that makes Star Citizen‘s ships look this good, but also the incredibly high resolution textures, the crisp normal maps, the realistic animated parts and just the quasi-fanatical love that the team pours into designing every piece in a way that looks extremely realistic despite the fact that we’re talking about science fiction.

While the game itself isn’t out yet, the Hangar Module is already available to those that pledged for it, showcasing in-engine all the ships each user purchased in all their interactive glory.

To give you a a glimpse on all that digital beauty, we got in touch with Cloud Imperium Games and we were given a chance to explore every single ship of the fourteen currently available in the Hangar Module.  Today you’ll see the second batch of seven with a whopping 674 1080p screenshots at maximum settings, if you want to see the first seven, you can find them in part 1, that was published last week.

In order to get the best rendition possible, every screenshot is saved in lossless PNG, so they’re rather big. Make sure to give them the time to load.

RSI Aurora LN

The 2944 LM model of the Aurora stands for “Legionnaire,” and comes with improved weaponry and armor in order to compete with the bigger boys in space. It also looks slightly more aggressive to match its fangs.


Origin Jumpworks 315P

The 315P is the exploration version of the Origin 300I, retaining its luxury equipment, but sporting improved sensors and scouting equipment.


Origin Jumpworks 325A

The 325A is the heavy fighter version of the original Origin 300I, equipped with much heavier armament to take on even the heaviest military-grade starship.


Origin Jumpworks 350R

The 350R is a peculiar version of the Origin 300I. It’s lightly armed, but the fuselage has been re-engineered to host two powerful two HM 4.3 TR3 thrusters, making it the perfect racing starship.


Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C-R Tracker

The Tracker is the AWACS version of the Hornet, carrying powerful radar equipment to act as a mobile Command and Control fighter and to find even the most stealthy pirate ship.


Anvil Aerospace F7C-M Super Hornet

The Super Hornet is the closest model of the Hornet to the military-spec version of the fighter, and also the most heavily armed, retaining the top ball turret and carrying a weapon officer sitting behind the pilot. It’s one of the most powerful light fighters available to civilian pilots.


RSI Constellation

The RSI Constellation is big, powerful and heavily armed. Beloved by merchants, smugglers and bounty hunters alike, it carries multiple crewmen, a P52 Merlin light fighter in its cargo hold, two retractable turrets, a fully equipped toilet and sleeping and dining areas.


And that’s it for now, as the many other ships that haven’t been announced (up to the enormous Bengal class carrier) still aren’t available for preview, but you can definitely be sure that we’ll bring you a detailed gallery of those as well as soon as Cloud Imperium Games will release them.

Cor now, if you still didn’t check it out, you can feast your eyes on the first batch of ships we examined last week. You can also still pledge your own support for Star Citizen on the official site, and help kick the game to higher goals.

If there’s a man that can revive space simulation games, that’s Wing Commander‘s creator Chris Roberts, and hopefully the galleries above helped you catch a glimpse on the reason why I fully trust him with that arduous but noble task.