Star Citizen’s New Video Tackles Atmospheric Flight; Squadron 42 Gets a Small Tease

Star Citizen’s New Video Tackles Atmospheric Flight; Squadron 42 Gets a Small Tease

Cloud Imperium Games releases a new video discussing atmospheric flight in Star Citizen, as Crytek sues for damages over CryEngine 3.0.

Today Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games released a new video of its upcoming space simulation Star Citizen.

The video focuses on the short and long-term goals for atmospheric flight, aiming to make flying close to the surface of a planet feel completely different from flying in space.

On top of that, we also get a small tease about the single-player campaign Squadron 42 sent in a newsletter to backers. A screenshot features an Avenger spaceship bearing the “Advocacy” livery with a destroyed space station on the background. Advocacy is a sort of police force with jurisdiction over interplanetary crimes and cases that extend into alien territory. This is certainly interesting, considering that Squadron 42 is mostly a military story, and we’ll have to see how Advocacy fits into it.

On December 20th, Cloud Imperium Games will publish a teaser featuring Mark Hamill (who plays a major role in Squadron 42), and the next video of this series will focus on the single-player campaign, hopefully providing a release date or window. It’ll come on December 21st.

In more Star Citizen news, Crytek has opened a lawsuit against Cloud Imperium Games, seeking damages for alleged copyright infringement and breach of contract over the use of CryEngine 3.0. CIG, that has switched to Amazon’s Lumberyard spin-off a while ago, defined the lawsuit “meritless,” and promised to defend “vigorously” against it, including recovering any legal expense incurred from Crytek.

You can check out the video below. If you want to see more, you can also enjoy a video on hoverbikes, and one on the Cutlass Black.

Star Citizen is a crowd funded game, that has reached $173,545,290 in funding and 1,939,326 registered users. For the sake of full disclosure, the author of this post is one of the original backers of the game.