Star Citizen Breaks All Records, Hits $11,000,000 In Crowd Funding

Star Citizen Breaks All Records, Hits $11,000,000 In Crowd Funding

Cloud Imperium Games just launched the new official website for Star Citizen, and is broadcasting a multi-screen 24 hour-long livestream from the studio, as new records are being shattered.

The game just flew past the milestone of $11,000,000 gathered in crowd funding, way past the second highest crowdfunded project ever (the Pebble watch). In the end the decision to continue the crowd funding via the official site paid dividends, and Chris Roberts’ studio can now count on a budget that they could have never even imagined just a few months ago.

The stretch goal hit with 11 million dollars marks the move of the company to a larger facility that will support expanded development. More room for employees and more man hours spent developing the game.

Of course, that’s not so surprising considering Roberts’ development pedigree as the creator of the Wing Commander series, and the amazing visuals that the studio has been showing in the past few months. That said, I’m definitely proud to be a backer (and to have been one since the very beginning), and you can still be one too by pledging your own support on the official website.

Update: CIG also released quite a few juicy new assets of the game, that you can see here.