Star Citizen Gets its First Massive Colony Ship, the Pioneer

Star Citizen Gets its First Massive Colony Ship, the Pioneer

Cloud Imperium Games revealed Star Citizen's first colony ship, that will allow players to create outposts on the game's planets.

If starfighters are too unambitious for your taste, and giant destroyers are too banal, maybe you’d prefer colonization of distant planets. Star Citizen did not offer anything for that purpose, until now.

Today, during CitizenCon in Frankfurt, Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games unveiled the Consolidated Outland Pioneer, Star Citizen‘s first colony ship.

The massive Outland will land on a planet and deploy an outpost to the player’s specifications, and after that it will continue to build modules to turn that outpost into a settlement. That’s definitely another interesting (and fairly unexpected, at least for me) layer of gameplay added to Star Citizen. 

The ship is currently for sale, and appropriately to its size and scope, it isn’t cheap, starting at $915. That being said, as usual for the game, those sales are exclusively intended to give people a way to support development if they so wish. The Pioneer will be available for in-game credits when the persistent universe launches. So if you don’t want to spend real money, you don’t have to.

You can check out a couple of images and a video below, in which Consolidated Outland CEO Silas Koerner introduces the ship and its concept.

In more Star Citizen news, you can read about a partnership between Cloud Imperium Games and Intel, announced today.

Before you watch the video, keep in mind for the sake of full disclosure that the author of this article is also one of the many backers of the game.