Star Citizen Concept Art Shows Off Moscow

on March 25, 2013 12:39 PM

If you’ve been following our Star Citizen coverage, you may have enjoyed the concept art and trailers that have occasionally made their way to our screens. Today we have another, in the form of the United Empire of Earth’s Moscow, which you can see above.

While it’s been easy to develop new futuristic landscapes like the recently revealed Terra location, the Star Citizen team believed it would be more challenging to remake Earth cities in the 30th century:

To help develop the world of tomorrow, the team chose a number of varied Earth cities and attempted to imagine them into the future: New York, Beijing and Moscow. Several other cities were also studied and ultimately rejected! The idea was to provide a varied set of options rather than the staple ‘one American city with futuristic buildings’ that many franchises rely on.

As with the previous environmental concept art, this “look and feel” piece will be used to capture the overall mood of the place as we design further. Artists were asked to provide different environments for each city and to build from their current day appearance, ultimately dwarfing the recognizable historical landmarks we expect to last another millennia. Today you get a look at the first of these environments, Moscow. Next, we will design specific locations in these Earth cities and elsewhere In the system!

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