Star Citizen Skyrockets Past Five Million Dollars in Crowd Funding, New Gameplay Video Released

Star Citizen Skyrockets Past Five Million Dollars in Crowd Funding, New Gameplay Video Released

When the crowd funding campaign for Star Citizen started a month ago, very few had any doubts that it would be successful. After all the name of Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts still carries a lot of weight between veteran gamers, and the first trailer was absolutely jaw-dropping.

Not many, though, imagined that it would have gone this far. Right as I’m writing the game passed the $5,000,000 mark in pledges (To be precise we are at $5,001,275 thanks to 72,675 eager gamers), after shattering the record previously held by Obsidian with Project Eternity just a little more than 30 hours ago.

This unlocks a new stretch goal bringing a tablet companion app, increased community updates,  a monthly town hall event with Chris Roberts, Celebrity voice actors for the Squadron 42 single player campaign (that will now be 50 mission-long), 70 star systems for the persistent universe and an Alien Derelict base.

The developmnt team is currently hosting a livestream from their office in Austin, that will go on until the end of the campaign and that you can access here. They also released a lovely pre-pre-alpha video showcasing a battle in which a squadron of Vanduul fighters attacks a Bengal carrier.

The video (that you can see below) gives us a good glimpse on the advanced AI powering the fighters, as they zip around and dogfight while avoiding collisions with asteroids and other ships. It was noted that when the video was recorded  there was a bug with laser bolt speed and they were incorrectly capped at a very low velocity. That is not how they will behave in the final game.

With 18 hours left on the clock, there’s plenty time to go even further, so if you still didn’t pledge your support for for the project and you want to contribute to the final stretch goal (playable Bengal carriers at 5.5 million), you can do so on the official site or onKickstarter.

Update: as an added bonus the official twitter account of the development team posted two pictures of the development flowchart for the game. I merged them for your convenience (yes, it’s a shoddy rush job, I know), and you can see the result below.


While we anxiously wait for more info, Chris Roberts and his braves are enjoying a well deserved dinner. In the meanwhile pledges are literally exploding, having accumulated another $150,000 in little more than two hours, for a total of  $5,152,487. Good job guys!