Star Citizen Crowd Funding Campaign Obliterates Records, Closes at Over 6.2 Million Dollars

on November 19, 2012 2:04 PM

The crowd funding campaign for Star Citizen just ended a few minutes ago, having gathered  $6,238,563 in pledges from 89,667 perspective citizens after an explosive final few days in which thousands rushed to give their last-minute support.

$2,134,374 were pledged on Kickstarter, while $4,104,189  hit the official site of the game. The previous crowd funding record for games, held by Obsidian’s Project Eternity (that gathered a just short of 4.2 million) has been literally obliterated.

Overtaking the additional stretch goal of six million means that, in addition to the playable Bengal class carrier (unlocked at 5.5 million), the game will launch with 100 explorable star systems, a full orchestral score and a free copy of the first Squadron 42 mission disk, Behind Enemy Lines.

While I was very aware that the project had immense potential, due to its Wing Commander heritage and the amazing talent behind it, if someone  told me a month ago that the crowd funding campaign would have reached six million dollars, I would have judged him completely insane. There are times in which being proven wrong is quite sweet.

Star Citizen Crowd Funding Campaign Obliterates Records, Closes at Over 6.2 Million Dollars

This should be plenty to tell the world that Space Sims (or simulators in general) aren’t dead as some nearsighted publishing executives may have thought. Personally, having pledged my support myself (and I’m definitely not the only one at DualShockers), I can say I’m proud to have played a very small part in demonstrating this. This is the beauty of Kickstarter and crowd funding in general. We can get in the face of the overly casual-focused, console-centric publishers and show them that they’re plain wrong.

Small rant aside, the Star Citizen adventure is now starting. The initial goal of two million has been dwarfed by the final result, and even the ultimate stretch goal of five million Cloud Imperium Games set at the beginning has been overtaken by more than a million dollars, showing that support from the fans has been even greater than the wildest dreams of the developers themselves.

As an aside, Cloud Imperium Games published another sweet video, showcasing a spaceport concept art to 3D environment test. You can check it out below, and (if you missed it), you can read my recent interview with Game Director Chris Roberts himself.

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