Star Citizen Drops a Cargo Load of Jaw-Dropping Renders, Artwork, Trailers and Videos

Star Citizen Drops a Cargo Load of Jaw-Dropping Renders, Artwork, Trailers and Videos

If you love spaceships and spaceship design, you better sit down and make sure you’re not holding your coffee, because this will be quite a trip.

Yesterday and today Chris Roberts and his Cloud Imperium Games team held a livestream event that lasted a whole twenty-four hours, and boy, during that full day of celebrations they did impress making it better than Christmas for the fans of the game.

In addition to what I reported about yesterday, they introduced the incredible Idris class corvette, a whole capital ship that players will be able to pilot as a team and to fully explore, there were also smaller reveals of the Starfarer tanker, the M-50 interceptor and the Caterpillar transport.

In addition to that we got introduced to two new systems: Rhetor and Pyro, and to a new alien race, the Banu. You can see the incredible renders and artwork of all those elements in the massive gallery at the bottom of this post.

But there’s more: we got a wealth of video content that you can also see below in the following order: The Director’s Cut extended version of the stunning Origin 300 series commercial, a completely new trailer with all the variants of the series, a making of video of the upcoming hangar module, a demo of the star map that will be in the game, a making of video of the Vanduul alien race, a video with commentary on character design and a whole four round table videos with the developers on different aspects of the game’s design.

Yeah, even if I told you not to hold your coffee, I still hope you have it handy, because that’s a full ten videos to watch, on top of the gallery. Not bad for a day of work, isn’t it?