Star Citizen Flies Over $18,000,000 in Pledges, Shows Terra Prime’s Starport with Impressive Video

Star Citizen Flies Over $18,000,000 in Pledges, Shows Terra Prime’s Starport with Impressive Video

Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen is continuing its crowd funding flight and doesn’t show any sign of landing yet, as it just surpassed the mind boggling amount of $18,000,000 in pledges and now holds $18,158,473 in its large fuel tank.

This unlocks a stretch goal that involves an exclusive system for all backers that won’t be accessible to those that will purchase the game after launch, and propels the game towards the $19,000,000 one, that includes the following:

  • Know your foe with a Jane’s Fighting Ships style manual free in PDF form to all pledgers.
  • Manage Space Stations – Players will compete to own and operate a limited number of space stations across the galaxy.
  • RSI Museum will air monthly, with a new game featured each time!

Managing space stations? Yes thank you. But that’s not all, as Cloud Imperium Games also announced the $20,000,000 stretch goal, and that’s a big one:

  • First person combat on select lawless planets. Don’t just battle on space stations and platforms… take the fight to the ground!

Talking about the ground, the developer also revealed an extremely impressive video showing off the starport of Terra Prime, capital of planet Terra. You can enjoy it at the bottom of this post. I have to say that from the initial descriptions I did not expect landing zones to be that expansive.

If you want to pledge your own support and contribute to reaching further stretch goals, you can do so on the official website. If you need further convincing, you can also find more information in my own interview with Chris Roberts filmed at Gamescom, where you’ll find interesting tidbits like possible console versions, instance management, bounty hunting and much more.