Star Citizen Flies Past Eight Million in Crowd Funding

Star Citizen Flies Past Eight Million in Crowd Funding

If you follow our site you probably know that Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen enjoyed the most successful crowd funding campaign of all times for games, but thanks to the ability to pledge (with lower rewards) past the end of the official campaign and the possibility to upgrade one’s pledge, the money has continued to roll in. To be precise a further $1.75 million beyond the original amount were gathered, reaching a staggering total of $8,088,115 million in at the moment of this writing. The grand total of gamers that pledged their support to the game is now 144,883.

Chris Roberts, CEO and creative director at Cloud Imperium Games (that we interviewed here), commented on this rather amazing success:

The amount of support we are seeing from our fans is nothing short of amazing. Our backers are totally connecting with the development team and it just gets them so excited to come in to the office every day and work to make the next great space sim.

Star Citizen will breathe new life into PC Games and the space sim genre and we encourage anyone out there who hasn’t registered for the game to visit our web site and join the great community that we engage with daily while pursuing our goal of creating the best space sim on the market.

Publishers thought that Space Sims were dead. Chris Roberts and his team proved them wrong. Personally, I can’t wait to relive the glory days of Wing Commander when the game will be out, and looks like I’m most definitely not the only one.